FIFA 12: True evolution or same old, same old?

Give us your opinion on this year's instalment

You've already read our FIFA 12 review and now, unless 9.3 review scores don't impress you much, you've got the disc snuggly inserted inside your console.


But do you agree with our praise? There are a few gameplay-shaking additions this year and we know from office experience that it can take a little while for FIFA 11 veterans to get to grips with all the new wallpaper.

Do you think FIFA 12 is a change for the better? Is the Impact Engine a step in the right direction? Can you even figure out the new tackling system? We want to know what you've got to say.

Share the love and give your fellow CVG readers a heads up in the comments below. Thinking ahead? Read our most-wanted list of FIFA 13 features - and give us your own.

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