Jak and Daxter HD Collection listed by retailer

Could this be the next Sony remaster?

A Jak and Daxter HD Collecton has been listed by South African retailer BT Games.


With no additional information on the product and absolutely nothing from Sony on the possibility of an HD remake of the Jak and Daxter series, this is one of those pinch of salt situations.

Having said that,, which spotted the South African listing, also points to a source hinting that a Jak Collection was in the works back in May.

It wouldn't be a move that was out of the ordinary for Sony since the publisher has made great efforts to bring other exclusive names such as God of War, ICO and Shadow of the Colossus up to date with HD Collections.

Jak and Daxter is still on the mind of developer Naughty Dog as well. Back in May co-presidant Evan Wells said he'd love to make another in the series, but the studio is busy with Uncharted 3.