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PlayStation Vita 3G downloads limited to 20MB

Sony Japan confirms cap, but says it could change in future

The PlayStation Vita will be limited to 20MB file sizes via 3G, Sony has confirmed.


The cap was established by an SCEJ spokesperon in an interview with ASCII, translated by Andriasang.

The rep did, however, add that the file size limitation could change in the future.

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In the same interview, addressing concerns about 3G's 128Kbps download and 64kbps upload speeds possibly being too slow for some games, the spokesperson said that Sony is providing software makers with support to ensure that titles that don't give the feeling of technical limitations are developed.

There's a £50 difference between the 3G and WiFi only versions of the Vita with the former weighing in at £279.99 and the former costing £229.99.

[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]