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Batman: Arkham City review - 10/10 in world's first verdict

"One of the best games ever made," gushes OPM Australia

The first Batman: Arkham City review is in and it's full marks for the Rocksteady sequel.

Want the CVG Batman: Arkham City review? Here it is.

The score comes from the pages of Official PlayStation Magazine Australia - spotted by - but the Batman: Arkham City review score isn't the only impressive aspect.

"Batman: Arkham City is not only the best superhero game ever made, it's one of the best games ever made full-stop," proclaims the mag.

"It takes the already superlative original and gloriously expands on it. It's a deeper game, more complex, more inventive, more mature. It brings the caped crusader's world to life better than any comic, movie or television show before it."

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Big words indeed. The final verdict breaks down like this:

Presentation: Endlessly creative, perfectly moody, and technically flawless. This is Epic's Unreal engine pushed to its absolute limit.

Sound: Alternatively foreboding and frantic, the game's orchestral soundtrack matches the on-sccreen action perfectly. Voice acting is brilliant.

Controls: Complex and initially overwhelming but also logical and responsive. It'll take a while to get used to them, but once you do it feels perfectly natural flinging Batman around.

Replay Value: Immense. A massive main quest, dozens of side missions, Riddler challenges, secondary game modes, and DLC will keep most people occupied for months.

VERDICT: We can't imagine how a superhero game could be better than this. Absolutely sublime.

Luckily, Rocksteady seems more than ready to carry on its Batman Arkham series, as long as there are still stories to tell.