Tekken 3D Prime Edition: The best fighting game on the 3DS?

3D pandas to watch and play...

Even if you're not a fan of Tekken fighting games, you still need to know about the newly renamed Tekken 3D Prime Edition.

Namco Bandai didn't exactly spill a whole can's worth of Tekken beans at the GamesCom show at the end of August, but the few that fell to the floor were surprisingly tasty.

For example, the name has changed to the slightly less catchy Tekken 3D Prime Edition. Sadly, this doesn't mean Samus will be in it despite the Metroid connotations, but it does mean the entire feature-length CG film Tekken Blood Vengeance 3D will be included on the cart.


Not only does that make it the first feature-length 3D movie to be released on 3DS, it also means 3DS carts are cavernous great things, capable of holding both playable and non-playable 3D pandas. We like this news a lot.

Better still, producer Katsuhiro Harada has confirmed that the game itself will run at 60 frames per second even with the 3D turned on, as we heard rumoured a few months back. That puts it alongside Super Monkey Ball 3D as one of the few 3DS games to manage the feat so far and puts Dead Or Alive: Dimensions and Super Street Fighter IV 3D to shame.

The demo shown off at GamesCom featured stalwarts Asuka, Bryan, Heihachi, Kazuya and Lili, but there'll be some 40 playable characters in total, each with their own stage to fight on. It frankly sounds too good to be true, but we won't say it too loud in case someone at Namco Bandai agrees and decides to take some of it out.

The fighters are sporting impressively next-gen-looking sweaty skin, which catches the light. Eeew! But also, 'ooh'. In the demo, the light source could be moved around (as could the camera) showing that there's no smoke and mirror shenanigans here. It simply looks gorgeous.

Another welcome feature is that the stage boundaries are consistent too - some previous Tekken games perpetually drifted the scenery away from the fighters as they moved around the ring so you could never actually touch the walls. There's no such nonsense here.

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Harada says he has "a few surprises planned" (and not just character wise) but is keeping the game close to his chest. He also hopes to have it out "as quickly as possible" so we're still hopeful Tekken 3D Prime Edition will arrive before the end of the year.

Not that we're lacking quality fighters on 3DS, but we are lacking quality fighters with pandas in them. So the sooner the better, really.

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