Dark Souls review - 9/10 in Edge

'Masterful open-world RPG stretches the limits of both risk and reward'

Edge has delivered its verdict on From Software's sadisticly difficult RPG Dark Souls and given the game an impressive 9/10 in its review.


The general message of Edge's review is 'this game is bloody hard but incredibly satisfying, don't play it if you're a wussy'.

It opens its verdict by describing Dark Souls as a game that "stands with its back to gamers who feel entitled to the coddling of selectable difficulty tiers, enemies with neon-signposted weakspots, and checkpoints as tightly spaced as a trail of Pac-Man dots".

It goes on to advise "anyone who expects to button-mash their way to victory" to avoid playing Dark Souls in favour of watching "walkthrough videos with a bucket of popcorn in their lap".

"Most contemporary games are unctuous, clingy suitors, welcoming players with fawning deference and open arms. Conversely, Dark Souls beckons the masochistic with its chilly indifference," it adds.

"If you steel your nerves and persevere, the loot you'll uncover is an adventure so exquisitely morose and far-ranging that it will tug at your mind insistently during the hours you spend apart," it continues.

Although the review points out that story isn't the game's strongest suite or a focal point it praises the game for giving "the world just enough history to feel concrete and then dive-rolling out of the player's way".

"Few will complete Dark Souls, but that fact won't nullify the adventures they've had straining toward its elusive summit", it resolutely concludes.

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