Rage review round-up

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After a four year wait id Software's Rage is finally out in the wild for all to play (in the US anyway, as we have to wait until Friday). And as always, critics have been offering their verdicts on the ambitious post-apocalyptic shooter.

We've read all the reviews and stuck the important bits below so you can take a look at what everyone thinks and perhaps get a better idea you if it's worth your time and money.

First up CVG's own 8.9/10 Rage review, in which we say "the house of Doom delivers a masterful single-player shooter with top notch gunplay, let down by a disappointing final third".


OXM went with an 8/10, saying that, "for ten hours, longer than many entire games, Rage feels massive, open and beautiful", but the review goes on to add: "It's crushing to discover that it's all smoke and mirrors" as the game has a "lousy end".

OXM US went a little lower with a score of 7.5. It says "Rage has the potential to be special. It just never fully lives up to it", and points out that the title "lacks a competitive FPS multiplayer mode - the very thing id Software is best known for".

Rage earned a 9.5 score from TeamXbox, which summarises its experience by saying: "While the game doesn't necessarily introduce any kind of ground-breaking gameplay elements, what it does is perform some tried-and-true FPS staples (and some newer concepts too) at a very high level, and hits the mark an overwhelming majority of the time".

Inside Gaming's bottom line reads: "Game developers rarely challenge themselves like id has with Rage... Rage represents the team at id stepping out of a 20-year long comfort zone and (gracefully) stepping into the modern era."

"Rage is a perfect example of why we try to stay as uninformed as possible before reviewing a game," says GameTrailers, which awarded Rage 9.0. "We never imagined that the RPG elements would be so vast or deftly handled, resulting in a pleasant surprise. A near-perfect mix of first-person shooting and role-playing, it's a nice fit for those who felt too detached from the gun play in Fallout 3 or Mass Effect"

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IncGamers also went with a 9.0, saying Rage is "a successful return for a studio with genuine 'legend' status, Rage wraps great core gameplay in a myriad of generally skilfully designed peripheral elements".

"A visually stunning, relatively safe shooter from id Software" is how IGN describes Rage. It goes on to say the game "starts to drag toward the second half after most of the mechanics and upgrades are introduced because the fictional world isn't very interesting", but maintains that it "is still a blast to play" and calls the car combat "surprisingly entertaining".

id's shooter earned an 8/10 from Eurogamer, which called Rage "slightly anachronistic" in terms of design but "warm-hearted and refreshing" as a "toy box full of things you can only do in games".

"Rage is a decidedly mixed affair" reckons the Guardian, which gave it a 4/5. "It isn't perfect, some of it feels quite antiquated, and it is by no means the high-water moment in the FPS genre that Doom and Quake were in their day. But it is still a very eye-catching and incredibly fun shooter, and in its best moments, it can't be matched for pure entertainment value".

GameSpot gave Rage an 8.0, listing its pros as "remarkable visual design", "a host of charismatic characters", "[an] enjoyable array of weapons and items" and "speedy and gratifying vehicular action". The site pegs Rage's cons as "story isn't strong enough to make you care about the primary conflict" and "you must remember to save manually or risk losing significant progress".


1UP's review says Rage is "nothing revolutionary" and awards the game a B grade, while Destructoid's 7/10 review describes the game as "the kind of fast food that looks much more satisfying on the menu than it does once served. It's tasty, for sure, but you'll be starving almost as soon as you've finished".

Strategy Informer places Rage a little lower down the score ladder with a 6.5. It says: "Rage is flawed from the get-go, and by the time it finds its legs, it's all too little, too late". The site recommends id stays away from RPGs and "goes back and does what it does best".

Finally, Joystiq concludes its 3/5 review score by saying: "The aspects of Rage that seem interesting and different at first never grow or expand", and what is there "just isn't enough to compete with other, better shooters we've seen this year".

Will you be picking up Rage today or later this week? Let us know why or why not in the comments below.