More Dead Space 3 details leak: Shadow Isaac on the haunt?

Latest report backs up ice planet claims

Following reports that Dead Space 3 will ditch its typical spaceship setting in favour of an icy planet called Tau Volantis, site Siliconera claims to have received further details about the as-yet-unannounced game's plot.


According to the site, Isaac is sent to the planet to rescue a woman and return her to Mars. Our protagonist somewhat reluctantly accepts the mission because there's a warrant out for his arrest and his only other option would be to deal with the authorities.

It goes on to say Isaac has a split personality, with "Shadow Isaac" taunting our hero every chance he gets. These mind games will apparently play a major role in proceedings, with Isaac's shadow self viewable as a separate on-screen character.

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Less surprisingly, Isaac (and his shadow) will come into contact with one of the Marker artefacts central to the events of the first two games.

The latest leak arrives shortly after Dead Space 3 artwork was seemingly leaked into the public domain via a news program in Israel.

Asked for comment on the video, an EA spokesman said: "We don't have any news about the Dead Space franchise at this time."

[ SOURCE: Siliconera ]