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iPhone 5 rumour round-up

What's Apple going to announce this afternoon?

Apple's 'Let's Talk iPhone' meeting in California this afternoon will almost certainly deliver the first details on iPhone 5.


But the house that Steve Jobs built never announces anything without us already knowing most of the details already, thanks to helpful manufacturer leaks.

So what are the factory workers saying about iPhone 5?

Back in June the Wall Street Journal piped up with one of the first credible reports, claiming that the hotly rumoured iPhone 5 will see its camera upgraded from five to eight megapixels.

Quoting sources at component suppliers, WSJ suggested the iPhone 5 handset will sport a slimmer and lighter form factor, plus a revamped Qualcomm produced CPU.

A month later supposed images of what iPhone 5 will look like appeared online, showing a clone device developed in China. The form factor in the pics backed rumours that Apple's used rounded glass for the screen and the back of the phone, and they also matched an alleged spy shot published prior.

A more recent report claimed Apple's carrier partners are running tests on iPhone models with 4G LTE capability. However, it's noted this doesn't confirm that Apple's next iPhone will have 4G connection capability.

Finally, mirroring a similar mishandling last year, CNET reported that an Apple employee left an iPhone 5 prototype in a San Francisco bar in late July.

So far nobody's gone public with the missing iPhone, but we imagine Apple's a little concerned after the last missing prototype ended up getting flogged to a gadget site for $5,000.

The truth arrives at 6pm BST this afternoon. There's no filming allowed at the press conference unfortunately, but check back this afternoon for all the live blog information you could possibly need.