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Rage review: Your questions answered

Is the story any good? Should you bother with co-op? Answers inside...

This weekend we asked you to submit your Rage questions ahead of our CVG verdict.


Now that our Rage review is live and kicking, here are our answers. As ever, if you have any more queries stick them in the comments below.

A popular question among CVG readers was Is the story any good?

As we state in our Rage review it's the environment that tells most of the plot in the game, with some seriously detailed environments seemingly oozing with back story. There's not much in the way of story structure of even pay off in Rage, which is it's biggest problem, and the ending falls really flat - disappointingly so. Don't buy this for the plot twists, folks.

360_Fan asks: Are the three discs on Xbox 360 justified?

We'd say so, because one of those takes up the multiplayer game modes while the campaign is spread across the other two - and it sports some seriously detailed environments. Rage is a very pretty game, and the animation too is absolutely top notch. You won't be disappointed on the visual front (unless you're on PC, which currently sports a few dodgy textures).

Equinox80 asks: How long is the campaign?

It took us about 12 - 15 hours to complete, but there are lots of side quests to be explored on top of that.

DruggedChimp wants to know How does the Xbox 360 version compare to PS3?

Both versions run at silky-smooth 60fps and the PS3 version requires a 20 minute-plus install, while on 360 that's optional. See them in action side-by-side via this video:

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More game videos from CVG:

Dicky1993 wants to know is there any replay value?

This one's a mixed bag because there are a lot of side missions to explore in Rage's Wasteland, including delivery missions, sniper missions, race challenges and more. There are also hidden Collector Cards in the game, plus a number of gambling games to use them in. The problem is once you've finished the story - that's it, no going back. Make sure you've got plenty of saves before that final mission...

Next up, WHERESMYMONKEY asks: Just how awesome is John Goodman?

You can tell it's him, definitely, but unfortunately the character he's been given is a generic, baldy cyberpunk soldier. Sorry.

Mogle94 asks: How different is the multiplayer compared to Battlefield and Cod?

The answer is: very. You should think of this more in the style of Portal 2's co-op missions - it's a bunch of extra missions to play with a mate and flesh out some of the characters in the single-player game. The online racing could spawn a decent following, but so far there's noone to play with (because it's not out yet).

Flash501 asks: how good is the AI?

We came away impressed, but to be honest that could well be down to how fun the various bandits and mutants are to fight. Each enemy type forces you to switch up weapons and approach combat a little differently, whether it's bandits clambering up pipes and across the ceiling, mutants charging in knife-first, slime mutants gobbing acid at you or the heavily armoured Authority virtually absorbing bullets.

Each will blind fire, duck and dodge behind cover and in the Authority's case even turn up with riot shields and flush you out with grenades.

Kricca asks: Is the Wingstick as fun to use as it looks?

Absolutely. The boomerang of death is treated as an inventory item rather than a straight up weapon, which is odd, so if you don't manage to skilfully catch it post-decapitation it'll smash on the wall, meaning you'll have to use another one from your pack.