Metal Arms: How it almost blew Ratchet & Clank away

A look back at one of the hardest, most rewarding, shooters on PS2...

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Metal Arms is certainly not as polished as R&C2, with a framerate that's often decidedly choppy. The game is also blighted with a frustrating, and frankly unfair checkpoint system. And those vehicle sections could defi nitely do with a bit of a tune-up. But what his game does offer is a real challenge, and the kind of satisfaction that can only come from meeting it head-on - there's no better feeling than being asked to murder a multitude of Mil Bots on a sliver of health and coming through with all Glitch's parts intact.

If you're tired of being guided around beautiful, but gutless, PS3 show ponies, can't stand being guided by glowing arrows and long for AI with some actual intelligence, this will challenge you like nothing before, and make you feel like a real gamer all over again.

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Missed the metal man first time around? Then give Metal Arms a try. Glitch might be missing those furry ears, and time may have rusted his mechanics a little, but he's still as loveable as that Lombax. And he could kick Clank's ass any day.

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