Saints Row 4 'already in planning stages' - is Xbox 720 the platform?

Latest rumours point to next-gen nut-shots

Saints Row 4 is already in the early planning stages at THQ, despite the third instalment not being due in shops for another month.

That's according to Xbox World magazine's latest rumour section, which points out that we should probably not expect to see it for a good while. "In fact, we'd have this pencilled in as an Xbox 720 title," it adds.

The mag also insists that XBLA title Saints Row: Money Shot - detailed this summer in an Australian ratings board listing - is "definitely" on the way, despite THQ remaining tight lipped.

The last we saw of Saints Row The Third was arguably its quirkiest level yet featuring a virtual realty section based on Tron.

Saints Row: The Third is out on November 18.

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