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iPhone 4S is official, games run 'seven times faster'

Infinity Blade 2 shows off new Apple device

Apple's finally, officially announced the iPhone 4S, the new iPhone that leaked all over the place this afternoon.


As previously reported, the new device looks identical to the previous iPhone 4, but inside it sports an A5 chip which Apple says makes it "up to twice as fast as before."

Excitingly for gamers, iPhone 4S also includes dual-core graphics said to be seven times faster than the previous iPhone.

To back the claim, Epic Games' Mike Capps took to the stage in California to announced Infinity Blade 2, the sequel to the iPhone hit that made more than $20m in revenue.

The sequel certainly looks stunning, with graphical effects apparently taken from God of War 3, according to Epic. The game's planned for a December 1 release and Capps says it'll "only run like this on iPhone 4S."

Thanks to an innovative new wireless system Apple promises downloads that are twice as fast than the iPhone 4 on 4S.

iPhone 4S will include an upgraded 8-megapixel camera which Apple says is a "60 percent boost" over the previous iPhone, and includes face recognition technology and 1080p video recording.

iPhone 4S will be available from Friday, October 14 in the UK and North America, and come in 16, 32 and 64GB versions. Pre-orders start this Friday.

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[ SOURCE: Tech Radar ]