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PSN sign-in issues reported

Sony looking into the matter

A number of users are reporting PlayStation Network sign-in issues, a problem Sony says it is aware of and looking into.


The unlucky gamers are receiving the error code 80710092 when attempting to sign-in.

It's unclear how widespread the problem is though. One affected user said other players using different consoles in the same room weren't experiencing similar problems, although they didn't specify whether they were playing on PS3 or another system.

PlayStation EU community team moderator RabidWalker said of the situation: "A number of users have reported they are currently having an issue signing into the PSN, and are receiving the error code 80710092.

"We are currently looking in to this at the moment and I will update here when I have more information."

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PSN has been out of action for scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on one too many occasions already over the past month, so hopefully we're not about to see a repeat.

[ SOURCE: PlayStation ]