Spielberg to direct Halo movie, claims report

French press release says ET man is in the hot seat

A translated press release is claiming that Steven Spielberg is to direct a Halo movie.


The ET director has reportedly been chasing the big screen rights for the Xbox 360 blockbuster for some time, and a French press release for new book Halo: Crytum is claiming that not only has he succeeded, but the movie will land next year.

"A film adaptation is set in 2012. It will be conducted jointly by two heavyweights of American cinema: Steven Spielberg and Dreamworks," the press kit states.

It could well be a big misunderstanding - or maybe the French have dropped a well-kept secret?

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In October 2010 reports circulated that Spielberg was interested in making a Halo film based on novel source material.

According to last year's report, by citing different source material to that used by Universal and Fox for their failed Halo movie effort, Spielberg's company DreamWorks can avoid getting drawn into a legal battle over the $12 million in screenwriting and production fees the film studios invested before the project collapsed.

343 has been contacted for comment, but so far we've heard nothing.