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A history of Forza Motorsport

The evolution of Turn 10's simulation racing series...

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This is set to be the pinnacle of modern day racing. With an overly developed Gran Turismo 5 delivering decidedly lacklustre results, it seems that the racing title all but belongs to Turn 10 for the time being. You can check out our definitive Forza Motorsport 4 review for the full details.

With graphics that are stunning on the track and stupidly close to photorealistic off it in Autovista Mode (where players can perv on cars from only inches away and not every little detail), the visual spectacle alone means Forza continues to stand out.

But, as we've mentioned, Forza 4 is also the first to integrate Microsoft's motion controller Kinect and it does so right across the board. Players can use it in Autovista Mode to turn their 360 into a pristine car show room, it can be utilised more subtly for effective head tracking as you look into corners to hit the apex or you can go whole hog and actually steer with the thing.

On top of that there's the usual wide array of lust-have cars (and more mundane models), deep customisation for the core and more entertainment driver features like car football for those that don't consider themselves purists.

Oh, and the Top Gear test track and Jeremy Clarkson himself also feature prominently, which is nice.

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