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A History of Assassin's Creed

How Assassin's Creed rose to become one of the landmark gaming franchises

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Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood

Brotherhood took the AC series in a new and intriguing direction, with Ezio now a master assassin and able to recruit new agents and assassins - the brotherhood of the title - to his cause. More strategic than previous games, Brotherhood dug beneath the surface of the ancient Templar Assassin feud, with Ezio dispatching assassin agents across Europe, while simultaneously battling the Borgias for control of the eternal city.


After a night of wild passion with Caterina Sforza (well here's hoping), Ezio awoke to find his villa at Monteriggioni besieged by the Borgia horde. After his uncle Mario was killed and the Apple of Eden fell into the hands of Cesare Borgia, Ezio escaped to Rome where he set about wreaking a terrible revenge on its Borgia overlords. While both Rodrigo and Cesare were eventually put to the historical sword, Desmond used the Apple of Eden to open up the Temple, a gateway to the other Eden artefacts. But the game concluded on a proper cliffhanger with Desmond forced to stab Lucy, while under the control of the enigmatic being known as Juno.

Re-inventing, refining and streamlining, Brotherhood's main success was to really gave you a feel of being in control of an Assassin clan, training them up and even calling on their help in- game. The sandbox was bigger (Rome being about three times larger than any previous city in the series), more bewitching, more inventive and the mechanic of capturing Borgia Towers to extend your control over the city adding an entertaining strategic element.


Combat was more attacking, frequently on horseback and stand out moments included rumbling around in Leonardo's tank, the Romulus mission's gravity defying platforming and of course for the very first time, a very decent multiplayer component. For the full story on joining the Brotherhood see our Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood review

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