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Batman: Arkham City review - 97% in GM, 'one of the greatest games ever'

Another incredible verdict for the Rocksteady sequel

The latest Batman: Arkham City review score to hit the net is from the issue 244 of Games Master and it's an absolute celebration of the Rocksteady sequel.

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The mag's given Arkham City 97% but it's the words that really give an indication of just how special this game is.

Reviewer Rob Taylor urges readers to "revel in one of the greatest games ever conceived." He describes the combat as "near perfection" and "elevated to an entirely new level" while Arkham City as a location is "brooding and bloody massive.

Most excitingly though, the mag teases a "knockout ending" which of course (thankfully) is kept tightly under wraps.

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Taylor concludes by proclaiming Batman: Arkham City to be, "brave, brutal, brilliant - the gold standard by which all future videogames should be judged."

Games Master isn't alone in its gushing though. The Batman: Arkham City review in German mag Play 3 ended with a score of 92 percent and praise calling the sequel "The best superhero game ever made."

Similarly OPM in Australia ended its Batman: Arkham City review with the full 10 and agreed with Games Master calling it "one of the best games ever made".

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