Steve Jobs, Sony, EA and Valve are in CVG's Heroes and Villains of the week - 07/10/11

Our champs and chumps of the past seven days...

Wow. There have been far more heroes this time than villains. Hats off to humanity.

In fact, fishing through the reams of news we've pumped out this week, we could only find two examples of what could be considered true villainy.

And one villainous party in particular shouldn't be too hard on itself because it made it into the hero column as well.

The other villain, however, has no excuse. We might even throw away the key.



Who? EA and Valve
Why? For trying to find a way

That's right a double whammy.

EA and Valve have clearly had some differences in the past when it comes to game distribution and the sale of content. In the past it's lead to games like Crysis 2 and Dragon Age 2 being pulled from Steam altogether.

But Battlefield 3 has seen the two parties pull together and negotiate some common ground to see the exciting FPS land on Steam. In a time when competition and 'mudslinging' can be crippling in games, it's good to see EA and Valve trying to push for a solution.

We hope they find one.


Who? Sony
Why? For making the best game ad ever

There are no words that can introduce Sony's latest PlayStation ad. Just watch:

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Who? Steve Jobs
Why? For changing our world

While there are pockets of people who question the amount of hype surrounding Steve Jobs' impact on the world but he was the central figure of a company that certainly changed the way we live and work.

We gave you our views on how Jobs contributed to the world of gaming yesterday. We can't think of a man more deserving of the hero title this week.

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