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Is Batman: Arkham City getting too much hype?

Debate: How are you dealing with it?

Hype is dangerous, it can be a killer. We've seen it happen before.

The CVG Batman: Arkham City review is in.

Every once in a while a game will receive so much attention and adulation that expectations rocket out of the realm of realistic. A game that is otherwise competently designed and executed can leave leave gamers feeling disappointed - betrayed even - purely because they thought it would be much better. It clouds judgement.

Assassin's Creed serves as the perfect example of this. The Ubisoft title made its E3 debut with an absolutely stunning trailer that floored the gaming world. It spent the lead up to release gathering up hype like an out of control Katamari and ultimately fell prey to the bloated expectations the hype created.

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Fast forward a few years and we're sitting here looking at Batman: Arkham City, and we can't help but be just a tad bit worried.

As avid Batman fans we're excited about it, in fact we me might be too excited. Every trailer, screenshot and announcement Rocksteady and Warner Bros. released pushes our excitement a little further into dangerous territory.

Thankfully, we've taken comfort in the early reviews. which have made their way online.

In the latest issue of Games master Magazine Batman: Arkham City received a 97% review score. GM's reviewer was confident enough in Rocksteady's second effort that he described it as "one of the greatest games ever conceived", with combat tweaked to "near perfection" and a "knockout ending".

However, there's still a worry that by the time you guys and girls get Batman: Arkham City in your consoles, for many of you, the damage may have already been done.

So we're turning to you and asking: is there a chance that all the positive press that Batman: Arkham City has received will leave you disappointed with the final product? Or have you kept your expectations in check?