'Why are so many people trashing Modern Warfare 3?'

Mailbox: Does COD deserve so much hate?

In last week's Mailbox Dave Ponsford pondered the end of consoles as we know them.


This week Ari Shah write in to Games Master to ask what the deal is with all the Call of Duty hate.

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Hey GM! First off I want to say you guys rule! Anyway, this month I was watching Call of Duty videos online and I noticed how many negative comments there were. How come this year so many people are trashing Modern Warfare 3 and saying Battlefield 3 is going to kick MW3's butt?

Normally no one is this negative towards a great series. Sure it's a bit linear, but CoD is also addictive and fun. Both Battlefield 3 and MW3 are going be great games so you don't have to trash the other, do you? Do you think it's right to trash a great game?

Games Master says: We're bamboozled by some of the bile that gets flung in Call of Duty's direction too, Ari - they're still great games online and off, and that's reflected by their mind-spinning popularity.

We guess it's a little bit like when your favourite band goes mainstream and it becomes 'cool' to hate on them, too. Also, we think a lot of the hate is actually aimed at Activision, because they're the biggest publisher - but that does a great disservice to the teams at Treyarch and Infinity Ward, who work hard to deliver top quality FPS experiences.

CVG says: We whole-heartedly agree; there's a reason Call of Duty games continue to get the great scores they do. Not only is the franchise technically strong and immense fun, it's come to define a genre.

Some would say that it's a franchise that is being 'milked' by its publisher with overly frequent releases, but as long as there are queues and queues of people lining up for Call of Duty midnight launches every year then there's some justification in that approach.

Besides, we'd be willing to bet that there are more COD lovers out there than outright haters, it's just that the latter are a little more vocal.

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