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Sony: 'World not ready for download-only platform'

"The time is still not right to go download-only," says SCE boss Yoshida

The PSPgo came too soon for the world. That's the underlying message from SCE Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida, who has said it's not yet the right time for a download-only platform.


"We believe, for some consumers, the time is [right], but for other consumers, the time is still not [right]," Yoshida said to Edge in a recent interview discussing the upcoming PlayStation Vita.

"So we believe the time is still not right to go download-only as a platform. Some PS Vita titles, like Uncharted: Golden Abyss, will be close to 4GB in size, which could be too large to download for consumers who do not have a fast broadband connection. Also, some consumers like shopping in retail stores, talking to knowledgeable store clerks, buying and playing games on the spot. We do not want to remove that capability from consumers," he added.

SCEE's new president and CEO Jim Ryan chimed in: "There are consumers in parts of the world - this is a global device - where the digital model has not yet fully been embraced."

Sony recently showed off the Vita's final packaging as well as sharing details of some the apps that will be included with the handheld.

[ SOURCE: Edge ]