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Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor Overclocked

Devilish déjà vu

The original Devil Survivor was one of the more unusual Shin Megami Tensei titles. Forgoing the series' trademark dungeon-crawling in favour of strategy RPGing, it allowed for a unique take on the regular Shin Megami formula.

The premise of the game is that a group of people using evil DSes have somehow managed to summon demons into Tokyo. The player character and his friends have seven days to figure out how to resolve this problem before everyone in the city is doomed.

It's a dark plot but interesting and engrossing nonetheless. Devil Survivor Overclocked on 3DS is the same game. In fact, it's the same game to a fault.


Overclocked is less a remake and more a straight port of the original Devil Survivor on DS. There's almost nothing in the way of new content. Throughout the course of the game's original seven-day story you'll be hard-pressed to find anything new. There are some new skills and demons scattered around but they're something only the die-hard fans will pick up on.

Most of the fresh content is found in the additional eighth day, accessed via some of the game's endings (the ones where demons are still around) and home to a new story and battles. However, this doesn't feel like much, especially compared with Shin Megami titles such as Persona 3 Portable.

Overclocked makes poor use of the 3DS hardware. For 90% of the game, 3D isn't an option at all. All the action takes place on the bottom screen with the top screen only used for 2D stats. In fact, the only time 3D regularly appears is during the game's fusion sequence and opening video.

Every human character now has a voice, although demons instead speak in Pokémon-like squeals. But the problem here is that the voice acting just isn't very good, with some characters becoming far more aggravating due to the sub-par voice they've been assigned. You can turn the voices off but that just serves to make the game even more like the original.

While the promise of some new content may be enough for rabid fans of the original, Devil Survivor Overclocked is a poor buy for anyone who feels like they saw everything the first game had to offer.

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A smattering of new content and lacklustre voice acting are the only new features here. If the original passed you by then this would be the version we'd recommend ahead of it. But otherwise, with that 3DS region lock, this could be a pricey way to play an old game.

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The verdict

An excellent RPG but a poor port. Newcomers to the game will find a lot to like but veterans have little reason to buy the same game over again.

  • As good as ever
  • Most new content comes at the end of the game
  • A memorable and fitting soundtrack
  • Untouched DS-quality graphics
  • Poor use of the 3D capabilities
  • Lacklustre voice acting
Nintendo 3DS
RPG, Action, Adventure