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Dead Rising 2: Off the Record

Going West

Played Dead Rising 2 to death? Off the Record just might be different enough to lure you back.

With Frank West's return, not only can you take more damage, but his camera adds a new dimension to the game. Another new addition is the Uranus Zone, a detailpacked theme park that's bigger than all of the casino and mall areas in the vanilla DR2.

This place is stuffed with new weapons and new interactive objects to score you bonus PP, from rides to carnival games like whack-a-mole.

The game's also had a technical overhaul. Monstrous loading times really marred our enjoyment of DR2, but they've been almost halved here. This makes everything feel a lot slicker and it's less disruptive when you cross to a new area.


The engine can also handle more zombies, and the sheer number of them is really impressive.

The story takes place in an alternate universe, and is largely the same as Chuck's, but with new cut-scenes, psychopaths and story twists. Frank sees the outbreak as a chance to restore his dwindling fame, which is where the camera comes in.

Everything in the game has a category rating, like horror, drama, erotica etc. The trick to scoring loads of PP is to get as many of them as possible in one shot. So maybe you'll snap a terrified survivor (drama), who happens to be a sexy lady (erotica), surrounded by 100 zombies (horror).

It's a really fun and compelling system, and is something that was sorely missed from DR2.

Off the Record is very familiar, but the tech improvements, return of Frank and his camera, addition of checkpoints (yes, really), as well as the new area and combo weapons - including a helmet that lets you shoot lasers from your eyes - have given the game a fresh lease of life.

If you missed out on Dead Rising 2 the first time, or have never played a Dead Rising game before, this is definitely the one to start with.

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The verdict

It's fundamentally the same game, fourth time round at least, but it has enough new content to warrant a return to Fortune City. The best of Dead Rising

  • New psychopaths
  • Photography mechanic is good fun
  • Very familiar
Xbox 360