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Assassin's Creed: Revelations

Will Ezio's curtain call also be his finest hour?

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Yet it's an older, greyer and altogether more grizzled Ezio who stalks onto the Galata shore. Now ascended to the rank of mentor assassin (the highest there is), Ezio in 1511 is rich in experience and craft, but more tired, weary and prone to the ravages of time. Fortunately the assassins, like Greggs, have branches in every town and local Master Assassin Yusif Talim is on hand to show him the ropes.

Or in this case rather, the hook blade, for, after a quick meet 'n greet at the local assassins HQ, it's time to get introduced to the Ottoman assassins' favourite travelling companion. A quick sprint up the local Galata Tower proves instructive, with the hookblade allowing you leap higher and further up sheer surfaces, tapping B to extend, reach and grab high ledges. While free running across rooftops you can now hit B in mid air to perform even longer jumps and if you find yourself plummeting towards the streets, the hookblade will grapple onto nearby walls, saving you an undignified appointment with a pavement face plant.

Constantinople's rooftops are also criss crossed by multiple zip lines and your blade will hook onto them allowing you to fly around the city at a rare old speed and perform stylish airborne drops on unsuspecting rooftop guards. It's versatile in combat too, with evade and trip moves and it certainly adds more speed and flow to Revelations' free-running sequences. As Ezio remarks, the boys back home would certainly like this one and the hookblade is a very satisfying addition to your assassin's arsenal.

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