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PS Vita: Don't throw away your UMD games just yet...

Sony talks special Vita UMD conversion program again

PlayStation Vita buyers with a chest full of UMDs may not need to worry about their PSP games going to waste.


According to reports, Sony Entertainment development head Yoshio Matsumoto has said that the platform holder is looking into a service that lets players download their old UMD games onto the Vita at a "special price".

To back up the report, Andriasang is also pointing to a retailer who claims to have been at a Sony sales briefing and given a pamphlet about UMDs being used in some capacity on the Vita. Although whether it's the same method mentioned by Matsumoto is unclear.

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This latest mention backs up reports from September and January which pointed to, pretty much, the same idea.

[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]