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PS Vita: Digital games cheaper than boxed

Official Japanese pricing reveals download discount

PlayStation Vita games will cost less to download from PSN than they will to purchase in boxed form from shops, according to Sony Japan's pricing structure.


Andriasang reports that Uncharted: Golden Abyss will be priced at 5,980 yen (£50) at retail, while the digital version will cost 4,900 yen (£40).

Similarly, Hot Shots Golf 6, which is another first party Vita launch title, will be priced at 4,980 yen (£41) in packaged form and 3,980 yen (£33) in download form.

The move could potentially have big ramifications for traditional retailers, though it's pointed out that many Japanese shops will likely opt to discount their boxed Vita games.

Brick and mortar vendors could also decide they don't fancy giving Vita as much shelf space if they're not making much money, of course, but let's leave that for other people to worry about.

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Sony said last month that Vita download file sizes over 3G will initially be capped at 20MB.

[ SOURCE: Andriasang ]