Resistance 3 DLC out today

Survival DLC pack out now for $3.99

Later than expected, Insomniac has released the Survival DLC pack for Resistance 3 via the US PSN today.


The pack adds a new multiplayer mode called Survival, special multiplayer skins of some of the major survivors from the game: Herbert, Jonathan, Jean, and Charlie, and you'll also get a bonus Resistance 3 Survivor Concept Art Static XMB Theme.

As Insomniac explains: "he Invasion mode forces Human and Chimeran teams to divide their resources with the goal of holding multiple control nodes on the map simultaneously. The more nodes your team holds, the faster you score points - and thus, achieve victory. There is a lot of deep strategy in determining which nodes to attack, as well as how many players should hang back to defend your nodes while retaining enough offensive force to successfully attack enemy nodes."

The DLC was originally due to arrive on October 3.