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Resistance 3: Two free maps, fix patch incoming

'Creek' and 'Granary' maps coming with new bug squashing patch update

Insomniac has confirmed it's working on an update for Resistance 3 that will include two free maps.


The new patch will bring the game up to version 1.05 and, according to Insomniac, "continue to address issues" with the game, although it held back on specifics.

More excitingly for you, though, the patch will also deliver two new maps "for all players" - which we understand means they'll be free. Insomniac named the maps 'The Creek' and 'the Granary', but stopped short of actual gameplay info on them.

The developer also offered no release window, so stay tuned for more info soon.

Insomniac released the new 'Survival Pack' DLC for Resistance 3 via the US PSN today. More details through that link.

[ SOURCE: US PS Blog ]