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Uncharted 3 goes gold, includes Starhawk beta code

Drake's latest adventure brings unexpected treasure

Uncharted 3 has officially gone gold and Sony has celebrated the landmark by announcing that the third game in the series will include a code for early access to the Starhawk public beta.


Drake's latest adventure launches on November 1 with the Starhawk public beta arriving in early 2012. You can see what the Starhawk voucher insert will look like by moving your eyes slightly to the left.

The Uncharted 3 disc will also contain four behind-the-scenes videos detailing the development and production of the game.

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If you can't wait until November 1 to get a slice of Uncharted 3, have a look at the two chunks of Uncharted 3 gameplay footage we put up on Thursday. There's around 20 minutes in total.

[ SOURCE: US PlayStation Blog ]