Could Scarecrow star in Arkham City after all?

Video Debate: Tom and Tamoor have fingers crossed for Fear Toxin...


Yesterday we kicked off our brand new 'Video Debate' by discussing some of the surprises we'd like to see in Batman: Arkham City.

Tom and Tamoor discussed the potential development of Bane's character and hoped for a surprise campaign appearance of Robin, Nightwing or even Bruce Wayne.

Today the pair ponder the issue of Scarecrow's absence in the Rocksteady sequel and whether the studio's refusal to confirm a reappearance is all a ruse to make Dr. Crane's impact as special as it was the first time around.

We'll be delivering Arkham City talking points right up to our Batman: Arkham City review on Friday, when some light will finally be shed on whether Rocksteady really does have a few twists left up its sleeve.

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