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Hitman Absolution debut gameplay - Dissected

166 deadly screenshots from the footage...

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He catches a guard unaware and leaps into action, throwing his arms around his victims neck in a swift, snake-like strike. He slowly lowers him to the ground while whispering 'shhh' into his ear in almost loving manner. He places his body next to a sign that reads 'silence please', oh the irony. Agent 47 is definitely much creepier than we remember.


Skipping ahead a little bit we rejoin 47 as he picks up an ornament from a nearby bookcase and proceeds to deck a guards face with it. The emphasis on this moment seems to indicate that using weapons in the environment is likely to be a big part Absolution.

Eventually he makes his way to the centre point of the library, with only a small flight of stairs separating him from the outside world. Oh and there's a small gathering of cops, all of which are looking directly at the exit. Luckily one of the a boys in blue is unfortunate enough to have his back facing 47, which makes him perfect for human shield purposes.


At this point the gameplay becomes much more like a traditional third-person shooter. Once 47 snaps the poor fella's neck - which we'd like to say was completely unnecessary, rather cruel and definitely undeserving of the silent assassin rank - all hell breaks loose, the guards open fire and our contract killer returns in kind.

Eventually 47 makes his way to the rooftop of the building, where he's confronted by a chopper gunner. Naturally it isn't to pleased when he scuttles off into a rooftop bird house and opens fire, not great for the him but an excellent visual display for us.


The bullets tear through the cages and free the confined avians, the gusts of wind created by the chopper send bits of paper fluttering around the room and the make curtains dance, creating a scene that wouldn't look out of place in a John Woo movie.

We're given the final piece of the gameplay puzzle when 47 comes up behind a guard, knocks him out and pull the old uniform switcheroo. Donning the officers outfit, he boldly walks out into the path of the chopper's search light and continues across the rooftop unperturbed.

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