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Hitman Absolution debut gameplay - Dissected

166 deadly screenshots from the footage...

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In a rather entertaining turn of events he finds himself in a hippie den where the most prominent item of furnishing is Cannabis. Its denizens are as high as kites, a few of them - convinced the feds have finally rumbled them - discuss a Butch Cassidy and the Sundance blaze-of-glory scenario, another attempts to flush the weed down the toilet, while a less involved fellow simply compliments Agent 47 for his "disco" police outfit.


The police eventually bust in but are quickly put down by 47's unconventional use of a bong, which knocks one of the guards clean out and leaves the other enjoying the benefits of passive smoking. He gets taken care of the old fashioned way.

The last bit of Hitman: Absolution trivia is found in the final moments of the video where Agent 47 says "I never quit". Long time voice actor of Agent 47 David Bateson will not reprise his role in Absolution and Vivienne McKee, the voice of 47′s handler, Diana, has been replaced by Marsha Thomason. There's currently a petition running to get Bateson back as 47, show your support if you care here.


While it's not exactly what we're used to seeing in a Hitman game these highly scripted sections could serve as the added injection of excitement the Hitman games have needed for a while now.

We're big fans of the emergent, open-worldish gameplay of the the previous games but we're also open to a more cinematic Hitman experience. Our guess is that there will be a mixture of both to keep the series vets happy and entice new players in.

Let us know what you think of the gameplay video in the comments below.

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