Hitman Absolution debut gameplay - Dissected

166 deadly screenshots from the footage...

Square Enix has released a lengthy video showing off gameplay from IO Interactive's Hitman: Absolution.

Like the cold, calculating trailer assassins that we are, we've wrangled our Fibre Wire around said video and wrestled it into submission. All that's left to do now is rifle through it, searching for and analysing any important pieces of intel.

Let's begin the hunt.


The gameplay video starts off with a little context: 'Hunted by the police and completely unarmed Agent 47 seeks refuge in an abandoned Chicago library'. The key bit of information there is in the location. All we're shown here is Chicago but if previous entries in the series are anything to go by the bald headed assassin will be leaving a trail of dead bodies the world over.

We're then briefly shown a view out of a window across the city with what looks like Chicago's John Hancock Center, placing Agent 47 around 875 North Michigan Avenue. How's that for detective work?


A mysterious figure shatters the silence - and a whole lot of glass - by throwing himself through a library window and into the upper balcony area. Who could this daredevil be?

The fuzz follow him in, taking the conventional front door approach to entry. A bellowing trumpet accompanies the reveal of the mysterious figure, the camera starts at his impossibly clean shoes and slowly pans up to reveal a crisp black suit, a pearl white shirt and a blood red tie. The dapper hitman is back and looking as sharp as ever.

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