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Batman: Arkham City review - What do you want to know?

CVG's Batman: Arkham City review isn't far away...

Our Batman: Arkham City review goes live tomorrow and the game's UK release on October 21 is just around the corner as well.

Brace for impact. Our Batman: Arkham City review, read it to get
the CVG verdict.


We're going to give Rocksteady's follow-up to the brilliant Arkham Asylum everything we've got but we know that Bat-fans like to read about the Caped Crusader in the finest detail.

You've probably got a 100 questions, some of which are so disgustingly niche that we would never even think to address them as standard.

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That's why, as we did with Rage, Forza 4 and FIFA 12, we're asking you what you want to know about directly.

Give us the burning questions you absolutely need answers to and we'll do our best to accommodate them in tomorrow's review. Not only that but we'll post a follow up article answering anything we missed following the review.

Don't say we never do anything for you.