Buy PES 2012 for cheap - deal round-up

All the best prices in one place...

If you've read our PES 2012 review you'll know that, while it may not top FIFA, we think it's an iteration PES fans will really get into.


You'll have the chance to do just that when PES 2012 hits shelves tomorrow, but you'll also want to make sure you pick it up for the right price.

That's why we've had a snoop around the web to see what games retailers are laying on the table in the name of competition.

As far as you local mega-grocers are concerned, Sainsbury's kicks off play by slapping a £34.99 price tag on PES 2012.

Asda hopes to win the contents of your wallet with a £34.97 offer, representing a commendable 2p saving.

Tesco slides in with double-footed studs to the shins though, undercutting both of its rivals with a PES 2012 price of £32.71.

The world of online retail comes closest to matching the supermarkets, and even manages to beat some of them. will sell you PES 2012 for £34.85, while The Hut asks for a little bit extra, slapping a £34.99 price tag on the footy title.

The two big boys of online entertainment retail can't quite muster such an offer it seems; both and Amazon are selling PES 2012 for £37.99.

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Argos does quite well though, selling PES 2012 for £34.99 on 360 and, for some reason, a pound extra on PS3.

The specialists on the high street are occupying the high end of the price spectrum with both GAME and Gamestation requesting £39.99 for PES 2012.

Of course, one high street retailer is offering a pretty swanky deal to FIFA fans looking to make the switch. HMV will give you PES 2012 for just 99p if you're willing to trade in FIFA 12. Any takers?