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Skyrim can be finished in two hours

No kidding

Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion swallowed months of our lives and its sequel, Skyrim is expected to be even bigger. But it can be finished in two hours if you know how.


Unsurprisingly, Bethesda staff know how. The studio held one of its apparently traditional speed run contests in which QA man Sam Bernstein took on level designer Jeff Brown in a sprint to the endgame in the epic RPG.

It was a close call. Brown managed it in a stonking 2:16:30. But Sam Bernstein breezed past the end game in 2:16:10. That's a difference of just 20 seconds - an almost Top Gear-style unbelievable result. As you can see, he was pretty pleased with his victory.

Does that mean you'll be flogging it back to the store after two hours? Not likely. Let us know how you're getting on at the 100 hours mark.

[ SOURCE: Bethesda Blog ]