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Dead Rising 3 - What we want to see

This is our list, but what do YOU want to see?

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While Dead Rising 2 did feature a co-op mode it was pretty barebones, and if we're brutally honest, a bit of a squandered opportunity on Capcom and Blue Castle's part. Much of Dead Rising's current gameplay formula lends itself perfect to co-operative play so we're hoping Capcom puts a little more time and thought into it for the third game.

There was very little interaction between two players in Dead Rising 2's co-op, although the duo of Chucks could run around together slicing and dicing the undead with all manner of crafted weaponry, Fortune City didn't offer any unique options for two players working together.

In Dead Rising 3 we'd like to see Capcom introduce a new category of environmental or creatable team weapons which require two players (or more!) to operate. We'd like nothing more than to be able to wheel a buddy around on a machine gun equipped wheelchair as he or she picks off zombies. Or working together to create a Rube Goldberg type death trap.

Dead Rising 2 dropped the second player in as a second Chuck Greene and made no effort to explain the sudden appearance of the doppelganger, it didn't ruin our experiences with the game but it did irk the continuity obsessive within us.

So while we're at it a set of extra characters, co-op only missions and a story accounting for the second player would also go down a treat. Chop chop.

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