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The 5 best games for iPhone 4s and iPad

Wondering where to splash your cash after picking up a 4S?

Apple releases the latest version of the iPhone this week, the iPhone 4S and so we decided to select the 5 best iPhone and iPad games for your perusal if you're new to the machine or indeed if you just want to take advantage of the iPhone 4S's advanced gaming features.

With everyone ready to to run those obligatory pictures of queues of geeks standing outside Apple Stores, Apple iPhone fans were a little disappointed that Apple hasn't reinvented the wheel with the new iPhone 4S. Instead the company has chosen to stick with the tried-and-tested boxy form factor of the iPhone 4, chucking in a faster processor and a (slightly creepy) voice-recognising personal assistant called Siri.

That's all very well and good, but the real focus for most gamers this week is on the new features that the latest iOS 5 operating system can offer, such as Game Centre updates, big screen gaming via AirPlay Mirroring and the faster, sharper graphics' capabilities of that aforementioned dual-core A5 processor.

"So does all of this leave the Wii U dead in the water, a year before release?" whispered games developers and hacks at the recent 4S launch... Well, we'll have to wait and see about that.

For now though, here are the top five iOS 5 games you need to know about.

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