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All the essential bits you may have missed

We are CVG, hear us roar or something! Contrary to what you may have heard there are one or two other games sites on the internet and some of them are our good friends and colleagues, so we thought we'd start a little feature to give you some alternative reading this weekend.

So here's a round-up of what our good friends on the official sites have been up to this week, some splendid stuff there, so be sure to go check them out.

Official Nintendo Magazine

Are old games too hard?

Interview: Zelda 25th anniversary concerts will be jaw-dropping

Mario Kart 7: The best Mario kart game ever?

Official PlayStation Magazine

Uncharted 3 video blow out - gameplay, interviews and multiplayer

PS3 trophy news this week

What's Hideo Kojima eaten this week?

Official Xbox 360 Magazine

What's next for Forza?

Dark Souls 10 Most Evil Moments

Six Game Franchises Rocksteady should revive next