CVG: Comments of the Week

You tickle us, with your words...

As always you fine ladies and gentlemen have been on tip top commenting form, even if it was a bit of a slow week for news.

We've gathered up a few of our favouritest (yes we know that isn't a word) comments from the past seven days and enshrined them in this weekly feature.

Here they are.

'Xbox Next-Gen' spotted in Microsoft CVs

If they release a giant X console like that pic, I'm all over it.

We're withy ou jubbgi01, look at that thing...it's a beast.

iPhone 4S pre-orders top 1 million in 1 day

Better news than this. Apple to release Steve jobs 2. The only way is up!

http://www.theonion.com/video/apple-ann ... ll,26293/#

*Stifles laugh* No, kimoak , this is wrong. Too soon.

Ubisoft opens its doors to CVG - What do you want to ask?

Have they ever thought about making a game about a fish with laser eyes that eats cabbage and defecates on enemies, also wears roller boots and can sing when needed.

Hasn't everyone adison?

Any possibilities of giving me a job. I draw pretty pictures and can make a mean cup of tea.

If we didn't have a person drawing and making tea for us already we'd hire you MrPirtniw. Scoop this fella up Ubi!

I need to know where my car keys are.

If they say anything other than 'Ezio has them', they're lying ithurtstopoop

Why did you let that guy ruin your E3 presentation?

Good call theaface . This is something we've been thinking about ourselves. Constantly.

I want to ask them how are they doing? You know, it's always nice to be asked.

We expect your thoughtfulness will be met with numbers, statistics and bar graphs Multiplayerking

Sony acquires Steve Jobs film rights


Woah! Steady ruley1979, no spoilers here thanks

Spoiler - Steve dies :roll:

Personally I find this really cheap. It's all the rage these days to try to cash out on a death like this, sadly.

Oh great. Thanks Imaduck. Thanks alot.

16 actors injured on Resident Evil movie set

I bet they just injured themselves because they just couldn't stand being a part of a Resident Evil movie. I know I would break my own leg to get away from Paul W Anderson if I had to :wink:

What if Milla Jovovich personally asked you to appear in the movie mogel94? What would you do then?

Batman: Arkham City Xbox 360 leaked - report

*Warner flashes Batman floodlight into sky*

Excuse us for a second monkeyd_93, we've got to er, go to the men's room...

Computer games 'giving kids dementia', blares The Sun

The irony of a paper "written" for the brain dead claiming that video games cause you to be brain dead is hilarious.

A very astute observation there kirankara, clearly you need to play more video games.

I'm counting on Skyrim to "blow my mind"!!

The Sun is not interested in the figurative blowing of minds obidanshinobi, call us when your brain matter is on the floor

How many dementia patients does it take to change a lightbulb?

To get to the other side.

LOLZ!!! nickskfman