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Dark Souls and Hideo Kojima are in CVG's Heroes and Villains of the week - 14/10/11

Our champs and chumps of the past seven days...

Another week, another round of heroes and villains where the virtuous are praised and the sinners are damned to a seven day eternity of being on this page for a tiny fraction of the world to see.

As for our heroes, you'll be rewarded with a seven day lifetime pass to the CVG golden pedestal, positioned on this page for a tiny fraction of the world to see.

Now to do the choosing:



Who? Sam Bernstein
Why? For speed-running Skyrim

Sam Bernstein can complete Skyrim in 2 hours 16 minutes and 10 seconds. It'll probably take you hundreds if not thousands of hours.

Sure he works for Bethesda and sure he probably didn't really enjoy it but the next time Sam Bernstein looks at the same girl as you in a bar, you may as well just sit back down son because he's got a chat up line that you couldn't even hope to better.

"Hey baby, name's Bernstein. Ever heard of a little game called Skyrim? And have you ever heard of a time called 2 hours 16 minutes and 10 seconds? I'll pull the car around."


Who? The makers of this Arkham City advert
Why? Because it's our kind of thing

You'd expect a Batman: Arkham City advert to be all 'deep voice this' and 'very serious that'. Some of them have been, in fact.

But the Arkham City advert that was released today has a much more human side and a pretty humorous one as well.

We like the antics between the two friends arguing over who is more like Batman out of the two of them mainly because it reminds us of an argument we've been having in the office for the past few months now.


Who? Hideo Kojima
Why? Because if you love something you should let it go.

Earlier this week Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima said how he wants his famous series to go on after he dies.

We'd like that too, thanks. What we're not sure we'd like though is a Metal Gear game from someone working without Kojima's guidance. Thankfully Kojima doesn't seem to be able to give the series to anyone else without wading back in again.

Still, we appreciate it's probably healthy for him to try.

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