Naughty Dog calls for spoiler-free Uncharted 3 reviews

Studio boss Christophe Balestra reacts to spoilerific Spanish review

Naughty Dog boss Christophe Balestra has called for reviewers not to spoil the plot in their Uncharted 3 write-ups.


This comes after the world's first Uncharted 3 review emerged this weekend apparently containing a spoiler related to the game's ending.

The review published in Spain's Playmania magazine awarded Naughty Dog's latest an impressive 9.9/100 - apparently the mag's highest ever review score - but reported threw an ending spoiler for good measure.

Seemingly in response, Balestra has said on Twitter: "Can you, journalists & reviewers, make sure you don't spoil the games in your reviews. Please :) Thank you!"

You can expect CVG's spoiler-free review soon as online embargoes are lifted.

[ SOURCE: Twitter ]