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Halo Anniversary Kinect video, first details

343 Industries details Kinect functionality in New York

The studio now taking care of all things Halo, 343 Industries, revealed the first details of how that Kinect functionality it's been teasing you about will work with Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary.


As you'll see in the shaky-cam footage below, the game will use Kinect's voice recognition system to allow gamers to shout commands at the game.

Shouting things like "grenade" or "reload" will have the desired effect in gameplay, but far cooler than that is an "analyse" command that will activate a scan mode, highlighting significant objects such as enemies or weapons.

Scanned objects are then pulled up on an information screen where you can look at the 3D model up close and read details info and story for that object. All scan profiles are stored in a library (we sense an Achievement opportunity there).

The below video was filmed at the Halo Anniversary panel at the New York Comic Con this weekend.

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[ SOURCE: GamerSheep ]