Batman: Arkham City released early in Australia

EB smashes release date, GAME follows suit

Batman: Arkham City is on Australian shelves right now despite the official release date for the Rocksteady sequel not being due for another day in the territory.


Aussie retailer EB Games smashed the official launch schedule today and announced only a few hours ago that Batman: Arkham City was on sale early via its Twitter feed.

The message came complete with cheeky tone:

"Nananananananana BATMAN! ... Is on sale now :P #early #omgruntothestore"

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The move has caused the Australian branch of retail rival GAME to spring into action. Batman: Arkham City is now available for purchase on its website as well.

As for us lot sitting around in the UK, Batman: Arkham City swoops into stores on Friday.

It'll be worth the wait though. Read our Batman: Arkham City review to find out why.

[ SOURCE: EB on Twitter ]