Final Battlefield 3 multiplayer maps revealed

Check out Grand Bazaar, Noshahr Canal, Seine Crossing and Kharg Island

Having detailed four of Battlefield 3's nine multiplayer maps last week, DICE has revealed the final five that will ship with the shooter at launch.

Writing on the Battlefield blog, the developer posted a number of screenshots and offered an overview of the maps.

Here's the fiction behind each of them straight from the horse's mouth. More details and design insights are available through the link at the bottom.


Grand Bazaar: The battle for central Tehran has reached its second week, and what was expected to be over within days now continues as Russian and US forces clash for control over this ancient city.


Caspian Border: A recon Russian force has set up camp on the Turkmenistan side of the Iranian border and proceeded to take over the heavily built up border checkpoint.


Seine Crossing: The American invasion of Russian occupied Paris is in full motion. The upscale area in the 7th district of Paris serves as the battleground.


Noshahr Canals: US marines launch a strike on a major harbour by the Noshahr Canals on the Iranian coast. The strategically important port allows for deep water vessels to offload essential materials.


Kharg Island: Kharg Island is Iran's biggest oil export terminal. If the US can take control over this island, it will deny the Russians critical access to the Iranian oil reserves.

DICE said of the game's nine maps: "They're the best of the best, the maps that shone the brightest in our playtests, and the ones that combined bring out everything we want both veteran and new Battlefield players to experience in Battlefield 3 multiplayer.

"Oh, and did you know there's a sand castle on one of our maps in Battlefield 3? This classic easter egg has been present in many Battlefield maps through the years. See if you can find it!"

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[ SOURCE: Battlefield blog ]