Batman: Arkham City review - Your questions answered

Do the side quests distract? Does Catwoman get naked? All the answers inside...

You've already read our Batman: Arkham City review but now, as promised, we're going to answer some of the finer details that you requested specifically.


We will say, however, that we won't be going into spoilerish story details, no matter how slight, as some of you requested. You might think you want to know ahead of time but, trust us - you don't.

When it comes to mechanical questions, concerns about pacing and just general queries about the quality of Arkham City's parts, we're more than willing to help.

Lsnake for example, is concerned about how the sidequests work, preferring to be able to return to them once the main story is complete rather than straying from the narrative for too long.

We're pleased to say that this is exactly the route we took. Having completed the story Bats basically told Catwoman, "There's still work to do" and you can use both the Bat and the Cat to complete a range of character specific mini-quests by switching between the two at various points around the city.

The side-quests seem substantial as well, introducing new Batman characters for a short time rather than merely being a case of "Stop this random dude from getting beaten up" (although they're present as well).

Deadshot is a character that you already know about who features in cutscenes alone. We'll leave the rest for you to discover.

We should clear up the Catwoman issue as well: A lot of you have been asking why her sections are locked by an 'online pass' and what her sections are like. While this isn't the place to talk about the principle of locked content, we can say that Selina's segments are for the most part very much separate to Batman's story. They feel like a complete break and so you won't find yourself faced with plot holes and content gaps should you buy second hand.

Having said that, Rocksteady certainly wasn't lying when it said that Catwoman feels completely different to Batman. The contrast is starker than we'd ever imagined. Her walk feels different, her attacks weaker but quicker and - most significantly - her whip doesn't cover the same distance as Batman's grapple. This means that you'll swing to a gargoyle rather than zip straight to it, landing on the wall below and completing a number of timed jump presses to pounce efficiently the rest of the way.

She's far harder to control but provides another set of skills for players to master. It's left us eager to see how Robin and Nightwing feel.

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TheCrimsonFenix asked us about Detective Mode and whether it was still all too easy to become reliant on it.

We have to say we still found ourselves using Detective Mode throughout most of each Predator section, especially since some goons can be hard to see in the bleak, gothic surroundings without it.

Having said that, with the amount that Rocksteady has added to Arkham City, the Predator sections have become a smaller part of the game and so the experience doesn't feel as dominated by Detective Mode.

gillri wanted to know if the Arkham City world contained as many fan friendly tidbits as Asylum and it's tough to say. There was an awful lot of Batman lore scattered about Arkham Asylum and, while there might not be so many objects of that nature in Arkham City, the streets themselves keep throwing up homages to Batman history.

Gliding past Ace chemicals, for example, The Monarch Theatre, Crime Alley - they're all there. The goons on the ground chat about the supervillains, which there are so many more of in Arkham City as standard. Even now, as we're playing through the side quests, more and more of them keep popping up. We don't think you'll be disappointed,

mogel94, we're sorry but we were never given a driving section but, as much as we would have liked one, Batman's glide and grapple system really is the best way to get around and never gets tiresome.

On the bright side, yes phate666, it is possible to fashion a rudimentary superhero disguise using the game box and instruction manual as long as 'rudimentary' remains key to the criteria.

And yes clayf1ghter you can get Catwoman completely naked, the cheat is up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start. Oh no, that's something else...