Dishonored: The game publishers thought you weren't smart enough for

Arkane breaks down its world of magic, machinery and subterfuge...

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If you put the AI to sleep when the player turns his back it just feels fake, it feels like the world is set up, contrived for me; it doesn't feel like a living, breathing space and all those emergent possibilities are killed.

"We've worked for publishers, without naming names, who were like 'we don't like first-person games. We don't think they sell'," says Smith. "And when an executive who controls your destiny says that to your face, what do you do? Half-Life? Halo? Call of Duty? Those are the biggest games in the world! What do you mean they don't sell? But how can you argue with them? If someone says to me RPG features are too nerdy they don't sell, what do you do?

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"Then look at what Todd Howard does with the Elder Scrolls games or what they've done with the Fallout games. They're serious, interesting, complex, sprawling, fast games. Being simple is how we make lots of money, right? Well, maybe not. It's a sort of false belief that some publishers had ten years ago and it was hard to kill off.

"A lot of those publishers have died now, and we can make Dishonored. It's truly a game, it's truly dynamic; it's not just a scripted movie you're running from checkpoint to checkpoint on. It's the game we've always wanted to make."

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