The 8 biggest gaming cliches

Shining a spotlight on gaming's least original...

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You can see your face in the Cole Train's head BABY WOOO!!!

Most overused in: Infamous, Fracture, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Haze, Gears of War

Most games feature a wealth of futuristic technology. Incredible robots, amazing weapons, fantastic spaceships, incredible robots firing amazing weapons from fantastic spaceships. So why is it that, in a world filled with gravity guns, time travel and wristwatch radios, has no one ever come up with styling wax or a bit of gel. Or a comb, even.

Instead, the future is full of military grade-one buzz cuts. Could it be that there's no future for men's grooming in an age of post-apocalyptic space war? Does mankind evolve beyond petty vanity? Or, maybe - just maybe - it's easier to render...

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