Battlefield 3 beta smashes 8 million mark

Official stats reveal 47 billion shots, 1.5 billion kills

DICE has released official Battlefield 3 beta statistics in the form of one of those easy to digest graphics.


As well as giving us the numbers, DICE has been kind enough to include real-world equivalents as a means of putting the digits into perspective.

8,125,310 users played the Battlefield 3 beta, which would apparently take up the entirety of New York.

DICE has also somehow managed to convert kills into beer with 1.5 billion beta deaths equalling half of what the world consumed this year in litres.

Have a look at the picture above for more big numbers.

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Battlefield 3 is set for release on October 28 but has unfortunately leaked on to torrent sites already.

[ SOURCE: Battlefield 3 Blog ]